Susan Lewis

Susan Lewis


Dr Susan J. Lewis




Research Fellow


BA (Mod), PhD



0131 242 6940


0131 242 6370


Room S1642, Geriatric Medicine, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 51 Little France Crescent, Edinburgh EH16 5SA




I did my Honours degree in Natural Sciences at Trinity College, Dublin. I then worked on the physiology of tree roots for a while at the Forestry Commission Northern Research Station before doing my PhD in plant pathology at the University of Edinburgh. I then undertook a postdoctoral research project in the Microbiology Department at the Edinburgh School of Agriculture. More recently, I worked part-time for 13 years as the statistician on the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh Diabetes Register, latterly on a BUPA fellowship, which monitored about 4,000 diabetics in SE Scotland. I have also designed & analysed research projects in Primary Education in schools in Edinburgh. I have worked part-time in Geriatric Medicine at the University of Edinburgh since 1985. I am married to Bryan & we have three daughters.

Role & responsibility


Statistical analysis of research data

Provide advice on project design, analysis & creation of presentations & publications

Develop & maintain University Geriatric Medicine website

Create Geriatric Medicine e-library


Hobbies & interests

Maintenance of land & animals on our 4.5 acre 'croft' in West Lothian (horses, goats, sheep, pigs, geese, hens), training of horses & dogs, walking, photography, animal welfare, local issues in West Lothian


Publications (2003 onwards):

Hip fracture rehabilitation – a comparison of two centres.  Injury 33, 7-11, 2002.  (Parker MJ, Lewis SJ, Mountain J, Christie J, Currie CT) 

Magnetic resonance brain imaging in people with dizziness: a comparison with non-dizzy people.  Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry 72, 587-589, 2002.  (Colledge N, Lewis S, Mead G, Sellar R, Wardlaw J, Wilson J) 

Is electronystagmography of diagnostic value in the elderly?  Clinical Otolaryngology & Allied Sciences 27, 27-31, 2002.  (Hajioff D, Barr-Hamilton RM, Colledge NR, Lewis SJ, Wilson JA) 

Socioeconomic status, cardiovascular risk factors and the incidence of microvascular and macrovascular disease in type 1 diabetes. British Journal of Diabetes & Vascular Disease 4, 180-188, 2004. (Swaminathan K, Lewis S, Morris AD et al.) 

Predicting vascular risk in Type 1 diabetes: stratification in a hospital based population in Scotland. Diabetic Medicine 22, 164-171, 2005. (Lewis S, MacLeod M, McKnight J, Morris A, Peden N, Prescott R, Walker J) 

Responses to walking-speed instructions: implications for health promotion for older adults.  Journal of Aging and Physical Activity 13, 172-183, 2005.  (Fitzsimons CF, Greig CA, Saunders DH, Lewis SJ, Shenkin SD, Lavery C, Young A) 

Longitudinal changes in muscle strength and mass after acute stroke. Cerebrovascular Diseases 21 201-207, 2006.  (Carin-Levy G, Greig C, Young A, Lewis S, Hannan J,  Mead G) 

Interobserver agreement in magnetic resonance brain and neck imaging. Journal of Neuroimaging 16 47-51, 2006. (Colledge N, Sellar R, Wardlaw J, Lewis S, Mead G, Wilson J) 

Stroke: A randomised trial of exercise or relaxation. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 55(6), 892-899, 2007. (Mead GE, Greig CA, Cunningham I, Lewis SJ, Dinan S, Saunders DH, Fitzsimons C, Young A) 

Evaluation of fatigue scales in stroke patients. Stroke 38(7), 2090-2095, 2007. (Mead G, Lynch J, Greig C, Young A, Lewis S, Sharpe M.)

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