Training in Geriatric Medicine


This area is designed to provide general information for anyone interested in training in Geriatric Medicine in South East Scotland, and some more specific resources for current trainees.

Trainees in Geriatric and General (Internal) Medicine in SE Scotland have the opportunity to train in both peripheral and central hospitals.  The peripheral hospitals are: St John's in Livingston, Queen Margaret in Dunfermline and Borders General. The central hospitals are: (Acute) Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and Western General Hospital; (Rehabilitation) Royal Victoria Hospital and Liberton.

As well as educational opportunities during clinical attachments, those undergoing specialty training in Geriatric Medicine should attend our regular teaching sessions (one day every two months approximately). These are based on a three-year rolling programme devised from the curriculum. Trainees also attend training sessions in General (Internal) Medicine (about one day every two months).

For more information, please click on the links below, or contact one 
of the training committee steering group (Susan Shenkin, Aylene Kelman, Elizabeth McGeough)

General Medicine training for General Medicine trainees

Geriatric Medicine curriculum  (SpR  ST3)

Three-year rolling training programme

Useful links for trainees

Resources & information for trainees (password required)

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